Care Management

The Care Manager is also the Patient Advocate! The Care Manager will make sure that needs are communicated clearly to the health care providers and their staff. On the client’s behalf and as needed, the Care Manager will:

• Provide detailed information about a client’s health to their health care providers to help ensure that the client gets the attention needed, especially for not-so-obvious concerns.

• Request record transfers so that all health care providers have the medical history.

• Keep prescription information up to date for all the care providers and the client.

• Keep track of appointments and follow-up care needs.

• Coordinate with providers to ensure no overlap of services.

• Communicate with treating physicians.

• Act as liaison with providers.

• Provide patient and family education.

• Assess for and coordinate additional services and durable medical equipment.

• Modification needs assessment and arrangement.

• Medication Management

• Skilled nursing services

• Coordinate with multi-disciplinary team to plan treatment procedure and contingency plans for each individual.

• Identify clinical lapses and issues that violate specified standards.

• Document and update Care Management plan according to the latest developments