Built on nursing principles, Holli Care recognizes that each client is an individual and that the provided care should be designed for their unique
needs as well as the needs of their family. A Personal Care Assessment by
a RN allows us to design a specific plan of care and develop a team of caregivers that will maximize our client’s level of comfort and trust while encouraging independence.


Our beginnings started by serving our country in the military, the US Army and the US Navy. We both had a fervent desire to serve and
protect the citizens of the United States. After the military, we married, nearly 19 years now. We are proud to have raised three compassionate and determined children, Jazmynn in her first year of college, Jordynn graduating high school this year, and Dante not far behind as a freshman. We both decided to continue our desire to help people in the nursing
profession. We have been in the field of nursing for many years and found our purpose and passion in the specific nursing field of extended care and home care. We strive to do everything we possibly can to keep individuals in the comfort of their homes. Our mission in the military was to protect your freedom, our mission continues as we help you to keep that freedom in your home for as long as possible. We use our expertise in the healthcare industry to . . . Help Others Live Life Independently!